Diris (Esperanto for dixit, which is Latin for he/she/it said) is a web app implementation of the famous board game Dixit where players submit their own images instead of cards from their hands. Give it a try!

Mathematical Papers

Over the years I wrote a couple of mathematical notes that I would like to keep available. They are usually written with the intention of being very accessible, so are hopefully understandable with minimal prerequisites. On the Distribution of Squarefree Numbers in Arithmetic Progressions: Master’s thesis, supervised by Professor Jörg Brüdern at the University of Göttingen Adding Prime Numbers: Essay for Part III of the mathematical tripos, supervised by Professor Ben Green at the University of Cambridge Primzahlerzeugende Folgen: Bachelor’s thesis (in German), supervised by Professor Stefan Wewers at the University of Hanover; partial English translation: Prime Generating Sequences Algebraic Number Theory: Unofficial lecture notes on Algebraic Number Theory given in Michaelmas Term 2010 by Dr. [Read More]


An elementary tool to author CVs in XML and easily convert them to shiny PDFs set in \(\LaTeX\). Clone it from Github.

Ricochet Robots Solver

A Java implementation of Alex Randolph’s board game including a reasonably fast solver. Clone it from GitHub.