Numbers of the World

Recently Matt Parker uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he discussed numbers and the words used to represent them in different languages, more precisely the length of these words: The basic idea is the following: one has 3 letters, two has 3 letters, three has 5 letters, four has 4 letters, five has 4 letters, six has 3 letters, seven has 5 letters, eight has 5 letters, nine has 4 letters, ten has 3 letters, and so on… This can be seen as a function [Read More]

How NOT to Earn a Million Dollars

I recently spent some time on the formidable website Numberphile which explains mathematical ideas, some important, some recreational, in short and accessible videos. Definitely worth checking out. One of the videos that is most relevant to us explains the Riemann Hypothesis: As mentioned before, it’s not easy to explain the details and the beauty of the Riemann Hypothesis in few words, but I think the video definitely succeeds in compressing the essentials into 17 minutes. [Read More]